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We understand that foreign trade and the process of globalization are constantly evolving, so that at Chevez Abogados we provide assessment for our clients to establish the most profitable importation and exportation plans for them.

We have extensive experience in providing assessment on matters such as the following:

  • Tariff classification of merchandise.
  • Customs valuation.
  • Certification and rules of origin.
  • Entering companies in the General Registry of Importers and Specific Sectors.
  • Export programs, such as IMMEX and PROSEC.
  • New Plan for Certified Companies (NEEC).
  • Handling processing for notifications, authorizations and permits corresponding to merchandise imports and exports.
  • Application of customs operating rules derived from free trade agreements.
  • Supervision of electronic records to control inventories and customs operations processes.

We also support our clients in tax-customs authorities' audits and preventive inspections, as well as in filing administrative motions with the tax authorities, annulment proceedings before the Federal court of Tax and Administrative Justice and amparo proceedings before the Federal Judiciary.

At Chevez Abogados, we have developed a practice area that is highly specialized in international trade security and supply chains, thus providing concrete and efficient solutions to the new challenges arising in the world environment, in response to the provisions under which countries are increasingly demanding more from importers and exporters to prevent terrorism, drug trafficking and, in general, the improper use of trade for criminal activities.